Residential care center "De Ruyschaert" - Marke

Residential care center "De Ruyschaert" - Marke
250 m²
Construction time
3 months

WZC De Ruyschaert in Marke wanted to expand quickly so as not to lose subsidies. Build Symobo 2
modular floors on a steel construction in order to create a seamless transition between the
to create an existing building and the new building.

All 10 rooms with sanitary areas were equipped with techniques such as fire alarm, HVAC, sister call system, internet and TV so that the building could be used immediately. Thanks to the
smooth running and the good coordination of all parties, Symobo was able to deliver this project at just under 4
months. A hectic short period that both customer and Symobo look back on proudly afterwards.

“Top work under fast working hours - Mario director”
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